Cordak Smith’s Birthday Party.

Bc music promotions Presents
Cordak Smith’s Birthday party
Venues: Piaza venizza
Date: 26 Feb 2022.
Charges:K50 Couple K80
Time:14hrs to 20hrs
Special Guests: Bc Zambia aka Building Charles , Violet And Timothy sams
Performance By Real Breinar, Western Cv Tracy Tray, Mr Cs, Taff G, Lion Queen and Many more. They will be Free offer of the Following:
1.Free Beer
2.Free Braai
3.Free Drinks

4.Free Photo Shoot
5.Free Transportation
6.Music By Dj Prince Robert
7.Dj Naz

Come one come all, don’t miss out it will be a blast.
So Tel Your friend to tel a Friend it’s wiil bookie Exeh
For more information contact Bc Zambia on 0972223554
Cordak Smith 0772272153

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