Dee Priest- Biography.

Dee Priest Artist whose real names are Dominic Chilemu. He was born on 12th October,1995. in kaoma-Western Province.

Dee Priest (Dominic chilemu)
Where Does Dee Priest Live?
Dee Priest was born in Kaoma but later on he shifted to mongu where he grew up. At the age of 10,in
mongu western Province

When Did Dee Priest Started Music?
While at kalabo secondary School in western province , Dee Priest developed interest in music in 2010. He started as a Hip hop artist. He sung secular music but he didn’t continue because who ever heard his music said he sounded like Slap dee. His family specifically didn’t want him to do music because they thought music doesn’t have money. He managed to get into music because of his friend (King Zitu) who was already in music but was doing Hip hop music at that time.

Dee Priest’s Friend (King Zitu) is
His Inspiration, as well as artists like Radicoh and Jm2 E.t.c

Is Dee Priest Married?
Dee Priest is not yet married. However he is not in a relationship with anyone.

Who Is Dee Priest Girlfriend?
Dee Priest is Currently Searching .

Dee Priest Hit Songs
Dee Priest first major hit song is Swalelo and My hustle.
The song is not yet released but it will be out soon.

How Much Does Dee Priest Charge For A Feature.
Dee Priest Charges a minimum amount of k200.
For Music Business contact him on 0971800263.

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